Elves of Mithril Mountain

The Elves of Mithril Mountain.

Deep in the far north of Allansia, a vast spanning forest stretches beneath the Freezeblood Mountains. Beneath the dense canopy, creatures roam free in their near-lightless surroundings. At the forest’s heart rises the glittering spire of Mithril Mountain. Its rich metallic surface casts the sun’s beams like an immense beacon – a shining spear, piercing a viridian sea.

The Mithril Mountain is the home of a reclusive race of Elves. Over centuries of dwelling within its rich rocky walls, the Mithril Elves have prospered. Burrowing both into and across the mountain’s surface, they have erected a vast city.
Mithrilmar, the stronghold and refuge of the this elder race boasts buttresses and rising towers across the heights of the mountain’s peak. Yet deep within the bowels of the mountain, vaulted halls stretching for miles. Among these halls are resplendent and ornately carved temples to various patrons that the Mithril Elves worship.

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Long ago,the War of the Elves sundered the once great race into two major factions – The Wood Elves, and the Dark Elves. It was a terrible blow to a once great and noble race. The Dark Elves descended beneath he earth after their defeat at the hands of their forbears. Yet once peace returned to the remaining Wood Elves, not all was serene.

The high council asked the armies to disband and return to the protection of the forests. Yet several Houses were not content with this decree. The Warrior House of Valnir, The Ranger House of Slorren, and the Mage House of Aventhri – whom had already dedicated so much into the building of the Elven armies by this point were reluctant to cast their ways aside. Thus they banded together and marched north, leaving their woodland cousins to hide among their boughs and branches.

The Houses by this time came to recognise themselves as Noble Elves, or Silver Elves (due to their affinity with silvered armour and military outlook). The Silver Elves eventually found a place that spoke to their love of metals – The Mithril Mountain. It called to them. Its beckoning and promises of fine materials for future armaments sung in their veins. Thus they plunged on, deep into the Forest of Night that surrounded the foot of this glimmering Spear on the horizon. Titanic creatures dwelled deep among the near-lightless boughs of the forest. Creatures ridged with bony spines that towered over the armies as they descended further into the darkness. The Silver Elves lashed out with spears and fiery conflagrations against the bestial sentinels. But the Elves were both greater in number and highly disciplined. Their armies cast the beasts aside contemptuously as they surged on towards their coveted goal.

Blades dripped crimson with the blood of beasts, yet the armies of the Silver Elves stood victorious at the foot of the Mithril Mountain. Thus they claimed it as their new home. A home that would be as armour-clad as they were. Over time they built great polished spires and walls from the Mountain’s wealth. Over time this kingdom would become known to the people as Mithrilmar.

Mithrilmar for a time sought to quell the surrounding countryside. Trolls, Orcs, Goblins and other foul creatures of Chaos were slain by the hundreds. Gradually these primitive races withdrew from the Forest of Night and fled south to the open plains and to the bitter, cold north of the mountains.

Eventually, the Silver Elves of Mithrilmar came into contact with the Dwarves of Fangthane. A kinship was founded as both races favoured and appreciated fine metals and respected strong military traditions. But over time the Silver Elves grew weary of the Dwarves’ yearnings for their precious mithril ore, as they found the gold to be of little worth in war – their chosen vocation. Thus they became recluse and preferred to horde their riches rather than trade with their former neighbours. It was then that the Silver Elves became known more commonly as ‘Mithril Elves’.

As time went on, less and less was heard from the Mithril Elves and their shining peak. For it seemed the Elves sought only their own council and company. Seeing themselves as superior to their former trading allies. The Dwarves turned their backs on the aloof Elves. Some even cursed their name, seeing it often as a byword to arrogance and greed.

Despite their disappearance from the outside, the Mithril Elves still defend their home to this day. Wandering travellers tell of tall figures with jet-black bows wandering among the titanic beasts that surround their mountain. Some say that had gone so far as to tame the beasts, utilising them as ferocious guardians.
But whatever the truth of this reclusive race, they keep to themselves and do not suffer trespassers into their domain. For woe betide any that find themselves at the receiving end of their merciless blades.

The Mithril Elves descend from three original Houses. The House of Vanil. The House of Slorren, and the House of Aventhri. Each House over time has intermarried to a certain degree in order to cement the ties that make them a unified race. Over time as Mithrilmar became a prominent power and prosperous stronghold to the Mithril Elves, various political and theological aspects emerged in their growing culture. The Elven mind, unlike the short-lived and thus short-sighted human mind – is one of passion and focus. Often to the absolution of other schools of thought. It is from this mentality that the Aspect Castes evolved.

Khaloth – Aspect of War.

From a time even before the fall and eventual betrayal of Kerithrion and his Dark Elf brethren, The House of Vanil was a Elven family of warriors. Not just mere soldiers like the citizen levy of their kin. But mastered adepts of war. In martial form and tactical mind they are without equal. Over time this battle prowess blossomed into The Aspect of War in the form the Mithril Elves refer to as Khaloth. Khaloth is a patron of Battle in its purest and simplest form. Victory and defeat transcend such petty notions as murder or crusade. Battle is the proof of physical prowess. “Might makes right” would be a crude translation of this ethos into the common tongue. But as with such translations. Khaloth cannot be so crudely quantified by such primitive phrases.

The Elves of Khaloth are thus true warriors, who seek battle as a means to better themselves. Yet over time it has been said that Khaloth has descended into darker devices to whet their appetites for conflict. One such device being the emergence of bloodthirsty gladiatorial pits in the depths of the lower levels of Mithrilmar. Yet for the sake of stability of the state, Khaloth’s appetites are tolerated as they keep it among themselves.

Grayfel – Aspect of the Hunt.

When the Mithril Elves first came to the Forest of Night, they were beset by titanic beasts. These beasts have most commonly been referred to as ‘Dire’ animals. Creatures of great size and strength that characteristically are adorned with bony plates and spines. The House of Slorren had a long standing tradition as huntsmen. As time went on these rangers became great beastmasters as they slowly bent the will of these ferocious creatures to their will. Thus emerged the Aspect of the Hunt which the Elves refer to as ‘Grayfel’. Grayfel is patron of nature in its most primal form – predator and prey. However, this transcends such notions as simply “eat or be eaten”. Grayfel recognises that nature only holds so true to itself and has avoid collapsing upon itself, because nature finds balance. Predators prosper only because there is enough prey to allow them to do so. Without prey, the predators starve and die. Thus predators do not destroy their prey utterly. They merely cull to keep in check. It is with this in mind that Grayfel exists alongside the beasts of the forest. The beasts only defended their territory, when the Elves came. Even though the Elves emerged victorious. The House of Slorren in particular saw a primal kinship with the Dire animals.
Grayfel sought to work with the animals and thus gain their trust over time. For what is time to a race that has been blessed with longevity? The Elves of Grayfel grew stronger for their connection with the great beasts. Yet they would never subject them to such demeaning roles as beasts of burden or mounts. Instead they fight as members of the various packs that roam the dark boughs of the woodland. As a result the Grayfel spend most of their time away from Mithrilmar, much like their Wood Elf kin of the south. Yet they seek not to leave their military traditions behind. In fact they combine it with this primal living to the point where it has evolved into a form of guerilla warfare. For who can stand against the snipers in the dark that ally themselves with the guardians of the forest?

Elgreer – Aspect of the Mind.

Born from the House of Aventhri, the Mages of Elgreer seek the answers from the Great Beyond. These Elves dwell mostly in the upper echelons of Mithrilmar. Many are the observation towers and great libraries of Elgreer. For to them knowledge is power. They seek it to better their lives. But more importantly they seek it so that others may not use it against them. Thus they guard their secrets most covetously. Every school of magic has its place in the society of Mithrilmar, for Elves would not forsake a form of knowledge based on such whimsical notions as morality or propriety. They often hold council with representatives of each school of magic in order to maintain ties within their magocratic society. They have witnessed how easily such relationships can sour and turn to conflict from divinations of the humans and their vain attempts at harnessing the arcane forces.

Elves of Mithril Mountain

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