People and Places of Touriguard

Toragard is a small town on the flat lands of Allansia, about 3 day's march from the coast. In the past Toragard has been ravaged by war and burnt to the ground by a Blackguard. With money collected by the Army's special task force, the town is very nearly rebuilt with stronger buildings and much better defeses. The army is also one of the best in the areas with having aquired the use of expert combat trainers.

In the center is a market place. Many shops such as a weaponsmith, clothier and general store abut the square. The Plot Hook, owned and run by Roderick, is also located in the center.

Just off to the west of the market place is the town hall. The town hall holds of the local records, as well as having an extensive library as compiled by the wizard Yastromo.

Surrounding the market place are various private homes. A lane stretching off to the north-west has the house belonging to the aclaimed adventurer Alexis Dalliance.

Off to the southwest, just outside the town walls, are the Army barracks and training grounds. These are run by Captain Hengar.

On a hill, just inside the town walls, to the northeast is a small chapel dedicated to Healing.

Outside the walls, and of to the west of the army buildings is a massive hole, caused by Kipris the Copper Dragon showing the Army's special task force what would happen if a particle of absolute good where introduced to a partical of absolut evil. The Hole is mostly filled in now with general rubbish, but the town folk are still a bit miffed about the whole escapade.


People and Places of Touriguard

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