Navek Tzar'Irell


XP: +3600



Navek’s Parentage is Obvious in his aperance weighing in at 380 lb and standing at a whopping 7 foot 9 inches. His build is massive, his chest measures nearly 3 foot across while his muscles bulge like knotted iron, these features are accentuated by the fact that his hands and feet are bigger in proportion than that of a human.

His skin is very ruddy in complexion (nearing true red in places) while his long hair is jet black in colour with what appears to be natural orange highlights, he wares this in a tight bound ponytail and accompanies it with a short cropped goatee beard. His eyes unlike the red glowing orbs of his fire giant father are human in appearance apart from his irises, which on closer inspection glow and pulsate like embers of a fire.



Navek was born to a human female Kitaria and the fire giant logi. the unlikely union of kitaria logi happened after logi saved kitaria’s life when her caravan of traders was beset upon by orc’s in the desert of skulls where logi was living. logi nursed kitaria who was badly injured in the raid, back to health and the two slowly formed a friendship which rapidly developed in to romantic feelings, but realizing a relationship could never work kitaria prepared to leave for home. the night before kitaria was to set back to her home of wolftown the two made love. kitaria left for wolftown and 9 months later gave birth to a baby boy.

Navek’s childhood was quite a harsh one, many of the town shunned the boy fearfull of his heratage, but he was always soothed by his loving mother and her storys of his father logi tzar’Irell and the legends logi had told kitaria of his clan Irell.

None the less when navek reached his teens he had become fiery and impetuous to the point many in the town where calling for this ‘half-monster’ to be banished from the town. luckily for navek the captain of the town guard Javen drakewing saw potential in him and took him under his protection as a mentor. Javen taught navek martial discipline and the tenants of loyalty and honor. by the time navek had reached his twenties he had become a fearsome and disciplined warrior.

when javen died last year in a skirmish with an orc raiding party, navek now his second in command should of taken his place as captain of the guard but the town council still distrustful of navek’s heritage not only promoted another to the position but striped navek of his commission. with his mother having passed away a few years earlier, navek decided to leave wolftown and search for a life elseware. having heard from traveling merchants that Toragard is rebuilding and recruiting an army navek decided to travel to Toragard to seek his fortune.

Navek Tzar'Irell

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