Ghulkarac the Coroscating


HP: 72


Init: +7

Damage reduction:10/silver and magic

Fast heal: 5/round 

Str  22 +5

Dex 17 +3 

Int  12 +1

Wis 14 +2

Cha 12 +1

Feats: Improved initiative, Alertness, Combat reflexes, lightning reflexes. Ambidexterity, two weapon fighting, improved two weapon fighting, monkey grip,weapon focus (greatsword), weapon specialisation (greatsword).

Attacks: +19/+11/+9/+19 (twin +5 Flameburst Greatswords)

Damage 2d6 +16 +1d6 fire (1d10 fire on crit) 


Once a lieutenant of Valek, Ghulkarac was always envious of his comanders martial prowess. For he craved leadership of the Black Serpent Reavers. Unlike Valek, Ghulkarac saw peace-keeping as legalised butchery, and the brigands of the Kings Highway thusly as little more than sport to quench his thirsty blades.

Upon hearing rumour of the conqueror Baelgrund sweeping across Khul, Ghulkarac ventured out in search of this monster. After several weeks of pursuit, he caught upto Baelgrund at the foot of the Mountains of Giants. Baelgrund towered over Ghulkarac. The proud being leered through his diabolic helm at his eager pursuer.

Ghulkarac the Coroscating

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