Holagar the Betrayed


Once King of the City of Beggars, Holagar commanded all that he surveyed. He along with his devoted subjects worshiped Decay and Disease fervently. He commanded many plagued swarms to be released into neighbouring kingdoms, in his efforts to conquer the provinces of the Scythera Desert. 

One day, a group of Wraiths naming themselves 'The Five' came to Shakuru and offered their allegiance to Holagar. Over many months, their allegiance bared foul fruit as they raised an army of plague ridden dire rats. 
Then, the army of Baelgrund came… and the Siege of Shakuru began. 

At first it was a war of supposed attrition between the plagued dire rats and the undead horde. But over time the dire rats fell the the horde and in so doing was raised as a preliminary zombie assault ahead of the horde to push forth towards Castle Holagar itself, where the King waited upon the council of The Five. Only too late did Holagar realise that it was The Five's intention to fuel the undead horde with the plagued rats that were supposedly created to fight for it and conquer the Scythera Desert. It was at this point when all else had failed, that Holagar had foresaken reason in exchange for a glimmer of hope of victory. He called upon Decay and Disease for aid in the conflict, to bestow power upon himself in order for him to vanquish the undead horde and grant him vengence against The Five. But little did he know that Decay and Disease had favoured Baelgrund's advance from the beginning. Seeing this conqueror as a more favourable servant over the now meek Holagar. But they gave Holagar the power he sought… but at a terrible price. 

Holagar transformed into a towering reptilian beast of collossal proportions. He did indeed have bestowed upon him great strength. But, he was robbed of any self control. And so Holagar the Beast of Chaos charged blindly in a rageful fit of destruction as he charged the undead horde. Baelgrund came face to face with the collossal monstrocity and slew the beast with a single stroke of his fell blade.  So it was the once evilly devoted King of the City of Beggars fell in ruin at the foot of his own castle. His vast bulk plunged through the earth and stone of the central street of Shakuru, thus forming his own cairne, which to this day stands as mocking tribute a man who foolishly turned to evil for an ally.

Holagar the Betrayed

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