Turay Lok



AC:26 (10 Touch, Flatfooted 26)

Str 14

Dex 13

Con  n/a

Int 10

Wis 17

Cha 16


Fort: +4

Ref: +5

Will: +7 


Vampiric touch +11/+6 melee, touch 5D6

Enervation ray +10 ranged touch


Damage Reduction 30/+3

Spell resistance 22

Fast healing 5 

At Will:

Alter self, Discern lies, Fear, Hold Person, Invisibility, Locate Creature, Suggestion


Hold Monster, Mark of Justice



(As cast by 11th Sorceror DC 13 + spell level) 

One of countless number of the construct arbitrators, judges and often executioners – the Inevitables have served the courts of Mechanus. As with so many of Mechanus' construction projects, it is a mystery to anyone (save the Grand Artificers themselves) how such machines have developed such sophisticated sentience. For the Inevitables are far superior to the crude constructs of the material plane of Titan. 

As an agent of the Interplanar Courts of Mechanus, this Kolyarut (whom goes under the alias of Turay Lok) had been sent to Titan under strict orders to find and retrieve the Fragment of Time. For if such  a potent temporal device were to be left in the hands of mortals, it would endanger Titan… and eventually the entire cosmos.

Upon reaching Titan, Turay Lok had walked under the guise of a Khullian man. Over fourty years he had inflitrated the government structure of Ximoran. Eventually rising to the position of High Council membership. From this position he has tried to take Shakuru and remove the Fragment of Time under the pretence of cleansing the City of Beggars and ridding Khul of Mordain Baelgrund. Being true to his programming, Turay will use and often sacrifice people at a whim in order to achieve his mission… nothing else holds the merest relevance.  

Turay Lok

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