A Fragment of Time

The In-between

After their night of rest, the adventures embark on taking the castle. With Hextor and Naveck in the lead, the troupe fight many whights on the castle steps, finally gaining the front door. However they find no way in. Seemingly from nowhere, a random wizard they where introduced to at the monastery has joined them, and he [Fie] suggests the culvert around the back. Alexis curses the Gods, suggesting They get some amusement from all this. Greg, at least, announces he does, and with the brief removal of a small metal grate, they find themselves wading through the sewerage. Once out they find themselves in what appears to be the kitchen, and since their breakfast was so frugal, the team set too eating a bunch of stuff. However, Alexis’ quick ears soon pick up the sounds of foot steps. She motions the others to hide; Hextor behind the door, Naveck in the cold meat storage, 5.6 on top of a cupboard, Alexis, Ursella and Tempest under a table, and Fie behind a pile of sacks. With everyone nicely hidden, the foot steps stop, the door opens and in comes a wizened old man. As soon as the door shuts Hextor steps out and puts his sword in the small of the man’s back. The man looks very unimpressed. Words are exchanged and the old man calmly tells everyone to come out of hiding. Slowly they do, and the man tisks at their appearance and orders them all to bath, then he fixes them a proper meal. The troupe are confused, and rightly so. The old man tells them that he use to be like them, only now he has been forced into servitude by Mordain, and the only way they will enter the man part of the castle is to pretend to be servants. The group spend a while preparing for this, they put all their armour and weapons into a box and take it out into the courtyard. They don’t really have a plan and it shows because as soon as they are in the courtyard on the way to the other building they are stopped by more wraiths, questioned and it ends up in a fight. The party get their gear and proceed.



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