A Fragment of Time

Return to Toragard

It has been 2 months since the fall of of the Half-Fiend Zagor and the liberation of the Desolated Swamps. Since then Toragard has been slowly rebuilt to its former glory. Hextor Francis had been aiding the garrison in the recruiting and training of militia forces in order to fill the vacuum left from the 4 years of siege. The project has been so successful that it has eclipsed the original garrison's numbers.

A new face recently comes to town, Navek Tzar'Irell (a half-giant soldier from Wolftown) upon hearing of army recruitment at Toragard comes seeking work. Upon successful recruitment he comes to the 'Plot Hook' tavern for some much needed lunch after signing all those prerequisite documents at the barracks. Here he meets Alexis, strolling in after a hard weeks shopping and investing in real-estate. After making friends with Navek over Alexis' usual acrobatic barstool mounting antics, the 2 set down to lunch together.

Across the courtyard at the training barracks Hextor (the 't' is silent!) and 5.6 are setting about the routine combat sparring.

" Ok lads, if you can hit the target" pointing to 5.6 (who waves enthusiastically at the recruits), "then you're training will be complete…. now 5.6….. gently this time" 5.6 smiles happily, then prods them flying across the courtyard. After a few hours, the recruits lay about groaning in pain, Hextor looks on wincingly in renewed disbelief.

"Okkayyy…. thats enough for today guys, we will pick up again same time tomorrow" Hextor declares, then inching towards the door, tugging 5.6 by the wrist.

Eventually 5.6 and Hextor make their way to the tavern and are introduced to Navek. Navek upon seeing 5.6 without his helm on scoffs "abomination!" and moves to another table. "Hey!!" Hextor remarks scornfully, "5.6 has saved more lives than you had hot dinners." Navek cleaning his fourth plate of beef and onions "somehow I doubt that" Upon entering the tavern Durr'Graz comes in. "Durry!" Alexis squeels excitedly. 5.6 finishes his whole  cow.

It was cool autumn evening, and the sun had just recently set. A lone traveller walks in rhythm to his staff as it clicks along the cobbles down the road. Wearily, the traveller lifts his wicker hat as the noble town of Toragard emerges over the horizon. He strolls on as the evening rolls on, passing through the newly carved masonry of the town's gateway. The warm light of the tavern cast a soft glow upon the floor, making a welcoming trail to its door.

Upon entering the tavern, there were several soldiers off duty along with a few craftsmen drinking away the aches and pains of the day. Making is way to the bar, he slid tiredly onto an empty barstool. A hearty middle aged gent leant over the bar, polishing a tankard. "Welcome sir, what pray brings you to humble Toragard?" The stranger peered from under his hat.

"Can you tell me where I can find these individuals?" replied the stranger, gesturing 4 partchment pictures… 

Alexis introduces herself to the stranger. "I have a proposition for you and your party" he replied. 




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