A Fragment of Time

"I like plan B better"

After arriving at the giant mountains, the group set off up a well worn path. After a little while they begin to notice that the ground around them seems to be dying. Ursella uses her funky druid powers and declares that it’s an evil druid sucking the life out of the land. They continue on until Alexis hears really heavy footsteps. They are so heavy in fact at first she mistakes the sound as miners, that is, until they meet the first giants coming the other way. The troupe are apprehended by the fire giants who say they should speak to their king. And so off they all go. The king receives them in good nature and invites them to dine with them. Naveck has a wonderful time, but Alexis and Ursella not so much. However an interesting tale is told of a smith and his too-trusting ways. Most of them rise early, but Naveck has to be persuaded out of bed and Ursella finally casts remove toxin so he will move, while Alexis asks for leave from their host who wishes them well on their quest. So the company move onwards up the mountain until they come to a plaque. Alexis and Fie finally work out between them it says ‘here is Hephestion’s smithy’ They remember the name and know they are on the right track to kill the vamp. At the top of the mountain they find a cave opening. Alexis and Ursella [in snake form] sneak ahead. They find nothing untoward at first, but then come across a huge door. Ursella sneaks through and back and says there are statues lining the path. Alexis calls the others down and Hextor and Naveck open the door between them. Alexis steps forward to try and determine if it’s a trap. She thinks it is but can’t seem to work out how to disarm it, so instead sets it off. Then screams for the others when the statues start to move. A short battle later and they are moving onwards again, down a set of stairs. Alexis makes the others wait at the top when she sneaks down and finds some little black goblins at work. She sneaks back and reports and Hextor and Naveck again charge in and kill everything. The others try to help – Ursella throws acorn grenades and Alexis makes them very very wet. They continue on and come to another set of stairs. The process continues but this time Alexis finds a few more goblins and some hot metal bars. They all kill the goblins and take a look around. They find what looks like a mass production forge or what looks like metal golems or shield golems. Either way there is nothing worth nicking, so they carry n down the passage to another short set of steps. Alexis takes a peak and sees a fire giant working. However his eyes have been ripped out and he is chained to his work bench by unbreakable chains. She also three of the metal golmes, and surveys the layout of the forge. Off to one side is a work rooms and she sticks her head in to see what she surmises to be the vamp. She hurries back and explains all he has seen. ‘Right,’says Hextor, ‘I have a plan’ Alexis groans.

‘The plan is this,’ he continues. ‘We go in there, and have fie cast something cold on the forge. The extremes of temperature will make it break and flood the chamber and kill everyone and then we quickly run out and seal the chamber the same way.’

‘That’s a terrible plan,’ says Fie. ‘The fire giant won’t die’

‘We’ll be condemning him to a horrible fate, where as we could just kill everyone ourselves and rescue him.’ says Alexis.

‘But then that’ll risk us!’ says Hextor.

‘And like plan a wont? I like plan b better.’

‘Well how about we do plan a but somehow get him out first.’ Hextor says.

‘It’s even worse!’ Alexis says. Fie looks around. ‘The more time we spend arguing morality the more chance there is of us getting caught.’

‘Well what would you prefer,’ Hextor says. ‘Reckless endangerment to others, but save our selves or reckless endangerment of everyone?’

‘Plan b: reckless endangerment or everyone,’ Alexis says.



So on the count of 1, they all rush in. Hextor heads to the side room and starts on the vamp. Alexis and fie stay just on the corner of the plinth and take pot shots at the golems, and Naveck runs to the third golem. The battle is relativity short with Alexis getting a taste of her own mortality. Hextor destroys the vamp and his coffin and fie washes the giants eyes, and between them they restore his sight and free him from his chains. The giant seems very happy.

‘That was fun’ says ivy.

‘Are we done then, is everything fixed?’ Alexis asks. Ivy nods and the rooms begins to spin.

Suddenly they are out of the shard and standing in an observatory like chamber. Outside mechanical things rush past. The group stands there wondering what the fuck is going on, but Alexis wastes no time in pocketing the shard. Suddenly there are footsteps and before anyone can react, Turay Lok comes through the door.

He stops in his tracks, clearly as surprised to see the group as the group is to see him, but for both this passes quickly as the Inevitable demands to know who they are, how they got here and where the shard is. The group gabble out the events of the past few months, with everyone getting a bit confused in the process. Of course Lok has no recollection of these events, as having changed the past, the company has changed the future too – with the Vampy dead, there is never any plague, so Mordain’s lover never dies causing him to go to the dark-side, so he never steals the shard, so the group are never contacted to take it from Mordain by Lok. The only up side is that Dhur’Graz is no longer dead. Turay sees Alexis holding the shard behind her back and demands she hand it over. Alexis cites him trying to kill them as evidence why he or his kind should not be trusted and demands to know what Lok’s boss plans on doing with the shard. After a protracted toing and froing of ‘Give me the shard’, ‘Not until I know what you’re going to do with it’, ‘I will, just give it to me first’, ‘I will, but first you talk’ between Lok and Alexis, the Inevitable looses patience and battle music starts to play.


Another excellent account :)

"I like plan B better"

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