A Fragment of Time

How it all ended!

After the group kill Lok, again, they head out into the city of Mechanus. They quickly discover something isn’t right with this place – there is some kind of civil war going on. There are three grand Artificers who make and control the population of Mechanus. Only one of them seems to be broken, according to a lot of the reports the group hears. They talk to secundus, one of the Grand Artificers, and he asks the group to help his world. They are told that Tertius has gone nuts, and it is trying to kill certain parts of the population. The group agree to try and help. They find out, from other sources, that it’s more like Tertius is being controlled by something, so to try and not hurt Tertius. They aren’t quite sure how they are going to take down the creature controlling Tertius, but a chance remark by someone taking them to a grand library. there they are told that something was left for them to beat whoever it is and save their world, but the constructs don’t know how to open it. Eventually they figure it out and get weapons and armour of various powers, apparently all made by Hephesion for them as a way of saying thanks. They are also given maps of the city and the mark of secundus.

To get to Tertius and whatever is controlling it, the group have to go to a certain building. When they get there there is a fight about to begin. The Bad Mechs control the steps of the building and are many in numbers. The Good Mechs are a far weaker force, and at first refuse to let the party anywhere near the fight, but then Alexis shows the general the Mark and he says okay, and gods speed. The majority of the group sneak along the sidelines and behind the enemy. Hextor and Naveck run through the middle.

Eventually though the group get into the building, and find there way to Tertius’s cave. However waiting for them there is Tertius and another being that introduces it’s self as Mechanatos. It gives a looong speech about it’s self, and basically reveals to the group that it is a fragment of Prince Myurr, a demon from the hell planes, and it is here to gain Mechanus and then fuck with Titan. Alexis gets really quite mad about this. She starts forward but Naveck beats her too it and with one stroke brings Mechanatos to the point of death. Alexis delivers the killing blow.

With the influence of Myurr gone, Tertius regains it’s self. It apologises, stops it’s creatures killing their fellows and sends group back to Touriguard. They appear back in their own time frame, just outside the town. With everything over, the group doesn’t know what to do with the shard. Alexis wants to keep it, Fai wants to study it. Naveck and Ursella suggest loosing it. Hextor suggests they ask it. The fragment send out Ivy to tell the group it appreciates everything they’ve done, but it misses it’s fellows and doesn’t want to be used for evil or bandied around by mortals any longer, Ivy asks they destroy it. Reluctantly Alexis places the shard on a rock, and Naveck crushes it. They all age a little as time is released and flows away from them. Solemnly they go to the pub, but are delighted to see Dur’Grazz alive and drinking at the bar. He doesn’t really recall who they are, and is especially annoyed when Alexis flings herself at his knees yelling ‘Durry!’. Introductions are re-made [with Fai being accused of being a pansy by Dur’Graz] and the party sit down with their drinks to tell everyone of everything that just transpired for them…



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