A Fragment of Time

Drunken debauchery

Enter the hangover

As Fie continues to chat with Baelgrund the others hold a mini conference. While this man is most defiantly the evil vamp from their time line, he’s not an evil vamp. All are confused until Ivy reminds Alexis of what she saw. Alexis thinks back and remembers Mordain going and attempting to slay another evil vamp. Hextor and Naveck decide that’s that and they need to go kill this other vamp. But they have no idea where he is. They drag Mordain and Fie away from their discussion and ask how they might find the vamp. Mordain suggests scrying. Fie says he doesn’t have that spell. Ivy insults his magic prowess and Fie responds with saying that he still doesn’t believe Ivy is on a mission from Greg. In order to shut Fie up Alexis asks Ivy to prove she’s from Greg. She responds by hading Fie a crystal ball that came out of nowhere. With the ball, Fie is able to zone in on the vamp and find out what sort of things are waiting for the group and where the vamp is. Once he’s seen that, Mordain leads the group and gets them a map of the area so Fie can pinpoint exactly were the new vamp is. While Fie is finding the spot, Alexis tries to warn Mordain that there might be some disease let loose thinking that when his lover dies it’s that that makes him evil and they might be able to avoid the whole thing, but it doesn’t seem to work. Fie finds the place they have to go, and that discovered the group want to head out immediately, but Mordain points out it’s almost 8 in the evening and suggests that they set out in the morning. With that, the group go and book a couple of rooms. Ursula turns in for the night, as does Hextor. Fie decides to go and study in the library for a while, and Naveck orders dinner.

Having eaten only a short while ago, in her personal time frame, Alexis decides to find out what sort of drinks these wizards have. She enters the bar, and is greeted by some form of giant insect. She vaults on to the stool and asks for a beer. The barkeeper hands her a wooden bottle and tells her it’s a woodling special. She is mildly surprised that he know her race and this drink, but chugs it down. It has a subtle nutty flavour, very pleasant, so she has five more and starts chatting to a newt who offerers to introduce her to the wonderful world of wizardly liqueurs. First she tries ‘fire water’, served in a thimble, and belches out a small fireball, as does the newt. Next she tries something blue and sparkley. Naveck, having finished his meal by this time, comes into the bar as well. Alexis tells him to try the fire water, but not knowing the effect Naveck orders a pint of the stuff, while the newt asks Alexis what drink she would like next. She points to a pink bottle, that’s all twisted, and the barman pours her a measure in a special glass, also twisted. Alexis is mesmerised by the spinning liquid. At this time Naveck quaffs his fire water. The barman brings up a huge mental shield and an instant later Naveck belches out a huge fireball that destroys most of the ‘show’ bottles. Understandably the barman is upset, but is more annoyed when Alexis quaffs her drink and, spinning the top of her stool, sprays projectile vomit over everyone and everything. She ends up on the floor in a small daze. As she is getting herself together again, Naveck orders a raw hog and another pint of fire water. He quaffs the drink and, with the resounding belch, cooks his hog to a crisp. Alexis giggles to herself from the floor. “I want another drink,” she proclaims. “Navvy, Bar me!” and with that the half giant looks up from his hog, puts one massive hand on her head and lifts her back onto the bar.

There follows a brief repose where Alexis tells all and sundry about her adventures, prancing along the bar doing battle with the air, and Naveck eats his pig, and challenges the wizzards to a drinking contest. The newt is suitably entertained and calls for another drink for Alexis. But she is unable to decide, and prays loudly to Greg for a sign of what drink to have next. Due to the strange concoction in her belly Alexis has an alcoholic epiphany, and engages Greg in direct conversation. The mighty god stops polishing his surfboard. “Duuude,” he says, “Like, how did you get here man?” “Drink,” Alexis states proudly, “much consumption of the wizardly brew have I been take-parting of. Like, Greg, dude, show me what I should have next. I can’t chose.” so Greg turns his eye on the selection at the bar and points to a greeny blue one that seems to more continuously in it’s bottle. “Dude, like, you totally need to have a tsunami.” “’Kay,” Alexis says and the connection closes. “I’ll have a tsunami,” she says to the barkeeper. He raises an eyebrow and put the bottle down in front of her. “Go easy-” he starts to say, but she quaffs the bottle… And shoots backwards, and his the bar wall. There is a lingering scent of brine and the sound of gulls. Alexis slides slowly down the wall. “Duuude. Awesome,” she mumbles to herself.

Fie briefly turns up and has something non alcoholic, and gets muchly ridiculed by the others for not drinking and for generally being too much of a square. As though to prove this point, the barkeep turns up with a couple of new drinks for them to try. One is a bottle in the shape of a Beholder, with the cork coming from the centre of it’s eye, and the other is a small bottle filed with black and red swirled liquid. Tiny succubi dance at the bottom of the bottle. The barkeep tells them it’s simply called ‘sex in a bottle’ and pours out a small amount for both Alexis and Naveck, but Fie declines. They both sling it back. Alexis’ eyes open wide and a small, startled scream escapes her mouth. Faster than the eye can see, Naveck gets a smouldering hole in his steel codpiece, and one of the show bottles fall off the wall. Fie leaves in disgust soon after.

Some when during this time 5.6 and Ivy have turned up at the bar. Alexis demands to be lifted again and promptly has a go at the construct geeks poking at 5.6, telling them not to hassle the giant or he’ll splat them, and that he’s not for prodding. Naveck, noticing the two, orders Ivy a mystery amber drink and tells her it’s apple juice, and a drink that sparks with electricity for 5.6. 5.6 glugs his down, and instantly the hair on his body [all five stands] are pointing upwards with small arcs of lightning coming off them. He smiles and says “All better”, so they get some for the road. Meanwhile Ivy is protesting that her drink isn’t apple juice. Naveck tells her it’s good for her, while Alexis argues you shouldn’t get an emissary from God drunk. Ivy gets a little tipsy, and removes the cat from talking to the newt to play with him. Alexis cautions Ivy not to play too rough with the nice kitty, while the professor cries about the indignity of it all. Alexis placates him with a scratch behind the ear and he mutters “Damn you,” while settling down on Ivy’s lap.

It’s about this time that the bar begins to empty, and the crew consider heading back to their beds themselves. Naveck steps of his stool and loses his balance slightly since Ivy is sat on his shoulders, Alexis falls off the bar and totters towards the door, and 5.6 calmly plods after, leaving a particularly persistence construct geek embedded in the wall. There is a short flight of stairs to navigate down leaving the bar, and Naveck tumbles down them with drunken grace, while Alexis totters, almost falls but recovers, the two of them swagger back to the dorms, singing [out of time, out of sync and out of tune] ‘show me the way to go home’, while Ivy giggles her heart out as Naveck runs around trying to dislodge the small girl. Eventually they reach their rooms, Ivy and Alexis trying not to wake Ursula, and Naveck breaks his bed falling into it.

The next morning, Hextor and Ursula wake everyone bright and early, and they all go to breakfast. Naveck isn’t too bad, nor is Ivy. Alexis however has the most gods awful hangover in the history of ever, and so too, it looks like, do most of the other wizards, who all glare at Naveck for drinking so much and being okay. Alexis forces down a cup of coffee and some porridge, but feels sick after Navack decides to stick some bacon under her nose, so he goes and stays with the trees until she feels better.

Hextor and Naveck arrange for mounts etc and for some one to teleport them to the Mountains of Giants, and at around 10am they arrive to face the evil vamp.


Okay, I’ve forgotten most of what happened that night, so if anyone can thinks of anything else, either try to work it in, or leave it in a comment and I’ll work it in.

Drunken debauchery

Actually thats spot on, I only corrected Baelgrund at the beginning (out of habit). Everything else is great. Heck some of it reads better than the original conversation :)

Drunken debauchery

Actually I have remembered a couple of things. A container shaped like a Beholder with a wooden eye for a cork. And ofc the diabolical concoction contained in a dark container with small succubi around the base. The last one basically had a somewhat orgasmic effect leaving Navek with a smouldering puncture in the armoured crotch box hehe.

Drunken debauchery

All updated :)

Drunken debauchery

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