A Fragment of Time

A letter home

Dear Cap. Hengar, Wizard Yastromo,

I apologise for the tardiness of this letter, the others and myself have been rather busy since I last wrote and It’s getting increasingly difficult to find a safe place to relax. That said, we are currently ensconced in the relative safety of a monastery at Shakuru – the City of Beggars. The Brothers here have been kind enough to share what little they have and tend to our hurts, both those of the flesh and the heart. I have sad news: Dhur’Graz, our mighty orc companion, is dead. He was felled by a giant zombie, not 5 hours ago as I write this. [Here tears blur the words a little] We were not even able to give him a proper burial, and his corpse lies stiffening outside. But before we left we were able to salvage a little of his hair, with the hope we can resurrect him. But for all our sadness we will not turn back. On the morrow we plan to storm Castle Holagar and rid the world of the abomination of Mordain Baelgrund.

But I get ahead of myself. I think last time I sent to you, I said we were about to infiltrate Vesper’s Mansion. That went well. The man was paranoid beyond all reasonable doubt and kept me highly entertained with the number of traps and gizmos of death he had designed for me to disarm. When we reached the main throne room Vesper was waiting for us. He activated a final trap – the floor fell away to reveal pillars that we could jump across to him, but should we slip, we would fall onto spikes. Hextor and Naveck practically ran across, with Durry in close pursue. Ursella and myself stayed atop Tempest while the others made quick work of Vesper. Once they had done, Hextor searched the body and came up with an intriguing device for me that we called a wute – a wand of summon monster, made into a flute. In the banter before we killed him, Vesper revealed the location of the Beguiled Temple, so we determined a plan to take Vesper’s mask and rather distinctive hair and infiltrate the infiltrators.

It didn’t take us very long to get to the Temple, and Hextor and myself entered posing as Vesper and his new assistant [maybe Hextor can take care of himself, but I wasn’t about to let him go in alone – four fists are better than two]. Anyway as soon as we entered I felt something was off. Forgive me, but I don’t really recall much of what Hextor said to the high priestess [I was assessing threats and escape routes] but I recall his said something that upset her a lot, and most of these priestesses turned out to be succubi and naturally we got in a big fight. However, after killing most of the succubi the high priestess did reveal the location of the City of Beggars by giving us a map, and I found myself a nice piece of treasure – the fabled corset of Slack-Jaw [you remember me mentioning it don’t you Yasty?].

Anyway, once we joined the others, Lok [who had caught up with us] read the map and we went to Shakuru. However, it was on entering that we were assaulted by the Giant Zombie, and at which time our dear Dhur’Graz was slain.

I do so hope that this letter found you in better health and spirits than I, and I know you would wish us luck for our venture on the morrow. My love to the town, as always, and may Greg watch over us all.

Yours, as ever,



Actually the priestesshood were human, but their temple founder was a succubus. Its in notes on the corset. Other than that an epic account :)

A letter home

Hey cut me some slack, people where trying to kill me at the time!

A letter home

Hehe but they would have done a lot worse had they all ‘been’ succubi :P

A letter home


A letter home

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